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Coronation XXXIII

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The Blue Zircon and Rainbow Rose of Unity

She has fire, soul, and a mouth she won't control

The Bold, Beautiful, and Elegant 

Celestial Wolf of Truth and Strength

Empress 32 Justonya Cox

Male Line of Succession

Prince Pup Pocket Charo Sosa Andrews

Baron Devon Dupree

Count Killian Joseph Lane-Gray

Marquis Crazy Carl
Lord Mel

Female Line of Succession
Arch Duchess Shannon Paris
Grand Duchess Jo-Anna King
Duchess Elizabeth Tyler
Baroness Karina De Voge
Countess Saeryn Aurora Lane
Marquessa Cheryl McNary
Lady Raven Nations Kane-Jaymes
Lady Deli More

Other Members & Titles Given

Half Emperor Jesse St. Trevino

Half Emperor and Brother Phoenix GreySkull

Half Emperor Ken Flanagen

Half Empress Just Maus

Half Empress and Sister Italy-Nicole Jenkins

Half Empress Evie Blank

Big Brother Ray RoxxStar Stone

Big Brother J Larry Finch

Big Brother Robert Buckner

Big Brother John Nolan

Big Sister Delilah DeVasquez

Big Sister Simone Riviera

Big Sister Ms. Karamel "Minion" Nolan-Bouvier

Big Sister Tanya Robyrts

Little Brother Evan inell

Little Brother Madness kane-Jaymes

Little BrotherQueen Issa Fella

Little Brother Alec Comos

Little Brother Richard Heinson

Little Brother Izzy Skywalker Stark Gonzales

Little Sister Ida ho Duflafan

Little Sister Ima Moista Toweletta

Little Sister Delta B. Knyght

Little Sister Anjel Starr Fyre

Little Sister Pamela Michelle Herrera

Little Sister Fiana Mawnrow

Brother Larry Carter

Brother Roel Kane-Jaymes BIG Lord

Brother JJ Fulton

Brother Dalton Murphy

Sister Penny Cilyn Carter

Sister and Keeper of Her Majesty's Glitter  Delightful Tickles

Sister Keana Lord

Sister Morgan Fairview

Keeper of Her Majesty's Lollipops Thomas "The Good" Dollard

Royal Advisor In-Realm Brittany Andrews

Royal Advisor Out of Realm Devon Devasquez

Royal Advisor Out of State: Twinkle Montgomery

Imperial Glam-Ma: Esmerelda Kane-Jaymes

Imperial Glam-Pa: Will Devo Kane-Jaymes

Queen Mother: The Lady Shanda LaVera

King Father: Michael Clayton

God Mother to Reign 32: Dezie Topaz Powers

God Father to Reign 32: Dale Wulf

Honorary Citizen of Corpus Christi: Delta Hart




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