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Introducing Their Majesties, Reign XXXIII

The Blue Topaz, Yellow Bird of Paradise
Purring Kitty Cat,
Give me some Chocolate and Dr Pepper
You know I’m a good Christian Boy
because I’m always on my knees,
One Dollar at a time,
Emperor XXXIII, The Rev. Andrew J Wilcox


The Blood-Red Rose
Scorpion of Leather & Lace,
Protector of Truth, Honesty & Respect
for the Sparkling City by the Sea
Empress XXXIII Jo-Anna King

Male Line of Succession

Imperial Crown Prince - Mel
Crown Prince - Mark Finch
Duke - David Stockton
Duke - Ronny Tucker
Marquis - David B. Flores
Marquis - Devon Dupree (Brian Dale Bielecki)
Count - Slim Marisol Lord of the Court - Sketch

Non-Binary Line of Succession

DucheX - Sister Mariposa Patriota, LA-SPI/Señor Apple ONYX
CounteX - Christopher Winscott AKA Bambi/Bam Bam Andrews Lane

Female Line of Succession

Imperial Crown Princess – Raven Nations Kane-Jaymes "Keeper of Her Majesty’s Dresses and Ball Gowns"
Crown Princess – Karina DeVogue "Protocol and Proper Etiquette Manager"
Princess – Shannon Paris "Photography and Videography Manager"
Duchess – Elizabeth Tyler "Keeper of Her Majesty’s Wigs and Hair"
Duchess – Maricela Samoa "Celebrations and Alcohol Monitor"
Countess – Mama Pat "Her Majesties Seamstress/Alterations"
Dame – Delia Reyes Marroquin "Keeper of Her Majesties Jewelry Box"
Lady of the Court - Belinda (Bel) Dominguez
Lady of the Court - Lisa Fairchild

Other Members & Titles Given

Her Majesty's follows His Majety's

Emperor XXXIII's Family


Nelda Canales
Gilbert Gomez
John Nolan
King Father - Craig W. Rae
Queen Mother - Simone Riviera
Papa - Robert Evanson
Momma - Laura Canales

Glamma - Sugar B Real (Rhonda Potterr)
Paddlepaw - Wateer Xaris
Grandpapa - TJ Wilkinson
Grandmama - Bebe Hughes Bouvier
Half Emperor in State - Jake T Stone
Half Emppress in State - Diana Del Rio
Half Emperor out of State - Fidel Morin
Half Empress out of State - Tamika Icp

Deaconness - Lipps La Rue
Jester - Penny Cilyn
Imperial Graphic Artist - Jeryko Brooks

Paramour - Jesse Scott Grady-Trevino
Sister Wife - Brandi Marie Powers

Uncle - Robert Bucknerr
Aunt - Crystal Rae Lee Love
Aunt - Donna Dumae

Barefoot Brother - Richard Hunt

Big Brothers:

Mikey K Choy Foo
Will Devo Kane-Jaymes
Christopher Garrett
Darin R Hatch
Ashton Blaine Holland
Jeff Janney
Tony Medina
Ben Ramos
Ray Wilkins Roxxstar Stone
Jon Woodward-Cuadrado

Big Sibling:

Aleah Rico (Gilbert Bustillos)

Big Sisters:

Ms. Karamel Bouvier-DeVasquez
Freeda Bangkok
Delilah DeVasquez
Devon DeVasquez
Jim B. Prunelladeville Garste
Esmerelda Kane-Jaymes(Ivan Cuadrado)
Leona Lane Powers
Shanda LaVera
Twinkle Montgomery(Bart Sciaino)
Muffy Blake Stephyns
Eydie Mae Sugarbaker(Eddie Flores)
Breanna Williams
Koriander Xaris

Jedi Prince to Reign XXXIII Naurice Canchola

Empress XXXIII's Family and Castle

Imperial Father - Nelda Canales
Imperial Mother – Laura Canales

Godfather “AGAIN” - Richard Fuentes
Godmother – Ima Hoot

La Mamacita – Delores Charo

The Scorpion Castle of Imperial Wizards and Witches:

Alexis Nicole Whitney – Siren of the Sea Witch
Brandi Marie Powers – Sweet & Salty Witch of the Northwest
Brittany Ramirez Andrews – Glam Witch of Beauty
Coco Marie Sugarbaker – Godmother Witch of Wisdom
Edyie Mae Sugarbaker – La Madrina de Sabiduria
Cubby Christopher Prado – Marvelous, Magical, Mystical Wizard of Fantasia
Gilbert Gomez – GPS Wizard “ROAD TRIP”
Jeryko Brooks – Little Bro Wizard of Dance & Acrobatics
Jesse Scott Grady-Trevino – Wizard of Spiritual Guidance
John Nolan – Top Chef Wizard of Pots and Pans
Jose Sosa – El Tejano Wizard
Keana Lord – Mystical Sister Witch
Omar Charo – Wizard of Magic
Kitana Sanchez – Advocacy Witch for Justice & Equality
Raymond Sauceda – Cake Boss Wizard
Sade’ Robyrts – Voodoo Witch of the Scorpion Castle
Tanya Robyrts – Abuelita Witch
Tina Louise – Sister Witch Protector of the RGV
Ginger Andrews – Imperial Fur Baby
Billy Galloway – Grand Wizard “Love you to the moon and back”


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